Testing Services

These days the number of software applications is increasing along with their complexity. At the same time there is integration and convergence to provide a seamless experience to the user. This necessitates faster delivery and superior quality. Our testing practice emphasizes on predictable, strategic and effective outcomes for our clients. Our testing teams are integrated with our clients' at Business and Operation levels and yet are independent to execute and manage verification and validation activities. This results in:

Service Areas

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Functional Testing services address the needs of core testing activities including test management, functional testing, integration and system testing, risk-based testing and regression testing to ensure you get the desired outcome.

  3. Usability Testing
  4. Tracking user experience based on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) principles, tests intuitiveness of the application, ease of learning, time spent to accomplish tasks, and error rate due to application behavior. Our services include exploratory, threshold, comparison, and competitive and usability gap analysis.

  5. Security Testing
  6. Comprehensive Security and Vulnerability Testing solution that proactively addresses web and application architecture, security and deployment infrastructure processes, and unplanned behaviors of the application. We offer vulnerability assessment, metrics, automation, and regulatory compliance and reporting.

  7. Performance Testing
  8. We work with you to help you manage and mitigate the risk of deploying mission-critical applications by defining End-User Performance, load simulation using workload monitoring, performing Stress and Load Testing under realistic and elastic user load conditions; extrapolation - capacity planning for application infrastructure.

  9. Mobile App Testing
  10. Mobile app testing services are offered for native, web and hybrid mobile applications. This includes functional, performance and usability testing for mobile apps. We simulate mobile applications using automation tools such as Selendroid as well.

  11. Testing Automation
  12. We offer automated functional and regression testing solutions for testing of web and enterprise applications using market available tools such as Selenium.


Metrics driven approach to testing – this gives quality score for every build of your product.


Testing CoE

  • Define and maintain the Testing Process
  • Impart continuous training on the Testing Process
  • Implement the Best Practices in the industry
  • Continuously improve the process
  • Keep polishing the Test Metrics which form the heart of our Testing Approach
  • Standardize the test reporting formats


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UI / UX Design Services

User Interface (UI) Design

User interface is the face of your website/software/products. UI can significantly impact your customer satisfaction. A very well designed UI can pay for itself and more.

At Venturay, we excel at creating breath-taking visual designs considering the nature of your products and information architecture. We ensure that the UI is intuitive and pleasure for the customers who use it. Our UI can give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

A well-designed UI can save time for your employees or customers by helping to finish the job quickly and effortlessly. Our UI experts are well trained in organizing and presenting the right information at the right time to the users. We take human psychology, your business or customer profile, market trends etc. into account to deliver best in class UI for you.

User Experience (UX)

Moving beyond the look and feel aspect of your product, user experience decides how your customers interact with your applications. In order to provide best user experience, it is important to find answers to questions such as –

  • Who is the most important user?
  • What is the most important task that the most important user must accomplish?
  • Is the important user’s important task the most important and simplest element in the page?
We focus on simplicity, logical ordering and discoverability to minimize the learning curve of your customers.


What We Offer

  • UI Design Services for web and mobile
  • UX enhancements
  • User Interaction studies
  • UI/UX testing services


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