Full Stack QA Engineer

As a Full Stack QA Engineer, you’ll be tasked with working on web application suite of projects. Working within the QA team and directly with the Software Development team, your duties will require you to work in manual verification and testing of complex backend, frontend, and mobile software solutions. This role is ideal for ambitious individuals who feel confident in their technical ability and want to be a part of the highly-skilled team.

Short-term that would involve getting a thorough, immersive understanding of our product offerings through direct interaction with our product experts and exploring the system on your own. Once familiarized with the product, you’ll help testing the most complex aspects of newly developed code.

A very strong familiarity with Linux is a must. You’ll need to be able to wrap your head around how applications communicate with one another over IP and perform P-Caps to diagnose when communication breaks down.

Our desired candidate will have an understanding of programming skills and concepts and be willing to continually expand their knowledge. Explore and evaluate new and emerging software tools, technologies and practices. Hands-on experience providing support to Engineers, i.e., troubleshooting failed builds, troubleshooting development / QA / production issues.

Necessary Skills

Desired Skills

Soft Skills