A Salesforce-Powered Transformation for Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration

The Client

The client is a dynamic player in a diverse array of industries, specializing in the manufacturing and provision of essential equipment and machinery. Their extensive portfolio spans the construction and mining sectors, where they offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment vital for large-scale projects. Additionally, the client is a key player in the engine industry, showcasing expertise in both diesel and natural gas engines. Their involvement in industrial gas turbines highlights a focus on delivering powerful and efficient turbines for diverse industrial applications. They are a significant contributor to the transportation sector through the manufacture and maintenance of diesel-electric locomotives, showcasing a commitment to innovation and sustainability in the realm of locomotive propulsion systems.

The Challenge

The Power Systems team at our client’s organization relied on a homegrown system within Lotus Notes to facilitate crucial activities for Sales and Project managers, including Sales, Invoicing, and Vendor management. However, they encountered several challenges that necessitated a reevaluation of their technology infrastructure. Notably, there was a disconnect between the Database System (DBS) and Salesforce, leading to inefficiencies in data synchronization and collaboration. The existing system struggled with scalability issues, restricting its adaptability to the growing needs of the team. Additionally, the lack of end-to- end project visibility posed a considerable obstacle, impeding the team’s ability to monitor and manage projects seamlessly. Recognizing these challenges, addressing the disconnection between DBS and Salesforce, enhancing scalability, and providing comprehensive project visibility became paramount for optimizing the Power Systems team’s operations and overall efficiency.

Our Solution

The team conducted a role-specific analysis of the current application’s navigation and workflow, identifying gaps in configuration and setup. To address these issues, they implemented Sales Cloud and Salesforce CPQ tailored for the Sales and Project teams. Integration with the Database System (DBS) facilitated the smooth migration of product configuration and information. Additionally, a specialized tool was developed to provide a visual representation of projects, enabling all stakeholders to track progress comprehensively. The team successfully presented SAP data within Salesforce, incorporating details such as purchase orders related to projects and invoicing. Furthermore, they introduced a feature allowing the tracking of information on quote iterations, enhancing transparency and auditability in the quoting process.

The Results

The technology that we used to build the solution

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