Strategic Expansion: Leveraging Offshore Development for Engineering Excellence

The Client

Our client stands at the forefront of the unified communications landscape, offering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate various communication channels for businesses. With a commitment to enhancing connectivity and collaboration, our client specializes in providing cutting-edge unified communications services. Their comprehensive suite includes voice, video, messaging, and conferencing solutions designed to streamline communication processes for organizations.

The Challenge

Our client, based in the United States and operating in the unified communications sector, faced a crucial challenge. With the aim to augment their engineering team and boost work throughput, the client sought to expand without significantly impacting their budget. Complicating the hiring process, the work involved a niche space that demanded a profound understanding of telecommunications and networking from potential engineering talents. Striking a balance between expanding the team to meet increasing demands and ensuring that the new members possessed the specialized skills required posed a strategic challenge for the client. The goal was to efficiently scale their engineering capabilities while maintaining a high standard of expertise in the intricate domains of telecommunications and networking.

Our Solution

To address our client’s challenge of expanding their engineering team within a constrained budget while ensuring expertise in telecommunications and networking, we implemented a strategic solution. We established an offshore development center, systematically defining objectives and scope to align with the client’s goals. Careful consideration was given to selecting the optimal location, and meticulous attention was devoted to infrastructure setup, encompassing the deployment of the necessary technology stack and tools. Our comprehensive approach extended to recruiting and onboarding, where we ensured that the newly formed team possessed the requisite skills. Daily project management and monitoring were instituted to maintain workflow efficiency, fostering effective communication and collaboration. A robust system for performance monitoring was put in place, enabling us to fine-tune operations and stabilize the setup. This holistic strategy allowed our client to successfully expand their engineering capabilities, achieve heightened work throughput, and navigate the niche space of unified communications with proficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Results

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